Cal Poly EPaCE Tech Bootcamps

Extended, Professional and Continuing Education (EPaCE) is now offering a comprehensive cybersecurity and coding bootcamp programs powered by the longest-running and most successful bootcamp provider, Fullstack Academy.

Learn Cybersecurity

Program Description

Keep businesses and individuals safe from cybercrime as an expert in the growing cybersecurity industry. The Extended, Professional and Continuing Education (EPaCE) Cyber Bootcamp powered by Fullstack Academy teaches students techniques and procedures to become high-demand graduates prepared to take on roles like cybersecurity specialist, network security engineer, and vulnerability analyst.

The part-time, cybersecurity online program will develop professionals to fight the global epidemic of cybercrime in just 26 weeks.

Cyber Bootcamp

Learn how to code

Program Description

Extended, Professional and Continuing Education (EPaCE) has partnered with leading boot camp provider Fullstack Academy to run our coding boot camp. Fullstack is consistently ranked #1 by students across the U.S. and is regularly featured in news outlets like CNBC, TechCrunch and Forbes. After our analysis, we invited Fullstack Academy to partner with us to design, build and run the coding boot camp at Extended, Professional and Continuing Education (EPaCE) (with the first class launching in early 2019).

The part-time, online program will turn students to professional web developers in just 26 weeks. The secret to that success is the combination of a cutting-edge curriculum and top-tier career development training, so students complete the program knowing not only how to program, but how to get a job as a web developer.

Coding Bootcamp

You can learn more about Fullstack Academy on Fullstack Academy, and read reviews from students on their other campuses (in New York City, Chicago and online) on Course Report.

The Extended, Professional and Continuing Education (EPaCE) Professional Online, Tech Bootcamps, in partnership with FullStack Academy, are neither taught by Cal Poly faculty, nor affiliated with Cal Poly’s Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering.