Add/Withdrawal Policy

Register for Classes

Registration fees for academic classes that are administered through Extended Education are paid through your Cal Poly portal or the cashier's office. Students are required to register by the enrollment deadlines for their programs. You register for these classes by calling Extended Education. Certain programs may register students automatically as a cohort.

Some programs may have a late registration fee; see yours for more information.

Your registration may not be processed if:

  • You have not met pre-requisites
  • You have holds on your student account
  • It is past the enrollment deadline

Students will be billed for their tuition through the "My Cal Poly" portal. If not already set up, students must initialize their Cal Poly Portal by calling the Cal Poly Service Desk at (805) 756-7000. Additional information on fees.

Dropping or Withdrawing From a Class

All requests to drop or withdraw from academic classes or programs must be submitted in writing to the Extended Education Office in Building 52, Room E34, emailed to, or faxed to (805) 756-5933. If it is after the class start date, a form is required.

You cannot drop classes through your Cal Poly portal.

If you are told by the instructor to drop a class, be sure to do so immediately.

If you are enrolled in the wrong class or section at the end of the term, you will receive a failing grade. Correct enrollment is the student's responsibility, so be sure to verify your schedule and drop unwanted courses before the drop deadline.You will receive a grade of "W" if you withdraw after the drop deadline.

Cancelled classes: Students will be automatically removed/dropped from cancelled classes.