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Do you have an exceptional hobby, professional skill, or area of study and want a chance to share it with the world? Creating an Extended Education course is a great opportunity to cultivate your expertise and interests while offering educational opportunities to students and the community. Cal Poly Extended Education courses can be delivered via the classroom; online, with the potential to reach a wider audience; or in hybrid form with both online and on-campus sessions.

If you need some assistance going from concept to reality, we can walk you through the steps to help develop successful programs, both in the short and long term. We look forward to working with you on your academic initiatives and are here to support your success.


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How Cal Poly Extended Education Works for You

Our services include all aspects of the course administration: curriculum review, preparing timelines and deadlines, insurance and risk management review, marketing research, contract preparation, marketing, managing the budget, scheduling and registration, courses evaluation, and more. We will also ensure that university policies and procedures are followed to minimize risk and maximize success.

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How Self-Support Works

Cal Poly Extended Education is a self-support entity at Cal Poly and does not receive any state funding; therefore all costs must be recovered from course fees. Costs will include some or all of the following: instructor salaries, instructional supplies, facility and equipment rental, travel and per diem, administrative overhead, etc. We ask that a thorough estimate of expenses associated with running the program accompany your Course/Program Proposal. A program coordinator will review all expenditures and prepare a budget to ensure the program's success.

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Non-Credit & Professional Development Offerings

Extended Education offers non-credit workshops for personal enrichment and professional development. The possibilities here are endless; our courses have covered a number of diverse topics, from wine and cheese tasting to professional writing. Take advantage of this exciting opportunity to share your expertise with students and the community.

If you are interested in teaching a non-credit course, please fill out the online course proposal form.

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Special Session Course Information

Explore new areas of research not covered by other Cal Poly courses! Special session (for credit) courses are offered for academic degree or professional development. Through the use of flexible scheduling and online courses, special session instructors are able reach a broader and more diverse student audience.

If you are interested in teaching a non-credit course, please fill out the online course proposal form.

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Submit a Course Proposal

If you are interested in teaching a non-offered course, please fill out the online course proposal form.

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Deadlines for Course Proposals

Course Category Summer Fall Winter Spring
Individual academic Credit & Non-Credit Courses February 1 May 1 August 1 November 1
Travel Programs Approved programs and course proposals must be in Extended Education eight (8) months before the program begins. Example: Travel in June, submit proposal by October.
Certificate Programs December 1 March 1 May 1 August 1
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