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Water Leadership & Management

Extend your professional reach into managing projects, teams, and systems. Build upon your expertise by integrating the knowledge of other disciplines so you can provide the leadership for successful outcomes. Communicate with the public and a diverse policy board, and work at the highest levels of government.

Two California universities have collaborated with the Metropolitan Water District to deliver a leadership development program designed for water professionals. Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and Cal State L.A. have assembled a world-class team of educators and professionals to teach the skills and knowledge to help you be a leader in this dynamic industry.

Water Development and Delivery will be the first course offered.

Press Release

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Cal Poly recently collaborated with Cal State L.A to complete delivery of a new Water Leadership program for the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. Faculty members from both campuses have been teaching courses in Met’s Los Angeles headquarters over the last year. The program was offered to mid-level professionals and consisted of four interdisciplinary courses focusing on the water industry and leadership skills.

The Water Leadership program was devised in response to a loss of institutional knowledge due to the retirement of the most experienced workers in the industry. By offering this specialized program, the two CSU campuses hope to deliver a new generation of leaders to one of world’s largest water providers.

“This is a perfect fit for Cal Poly,” said Vice Provost Brian Tietje. “Collaborative, technical and interdisciplinary. It’s an honor to be invited into such an important organization and help them with their future.”

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California Water: Development and Delivery/CRP S570

Cal Poly Extended Education and the College of Architecture and Environmental Design, in partnership with Cal State L.A. offer California Water: Development and Delivery. This course is designed for the working professional with intentions to enter or accelerate their role in management. This seven-week course presents the breadth of knowledge for success in the development and delivery of water resources. The student will survey the principal areas of knowledge that should be mastered to be a successful water manager.

There will be six meetings, one every two weeks, and a field trip. Participants will convene Friday morning at the Metropolitan Water District’s at Union Station, Los Angeles. Friday will be an all day session, with a combination of presentations and learning groups.

Several instructors will teach the course. These include Cal Poly and Cal State L.A. faculty teaming with experts from the Met. A course coordinator will provide continuity and course management.

Graduate credit for this course will be conferred by Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

Email Chris Clark at if you have any questions or concerns.

Subsequent course topics to include:

  • Managing Teams and Cultures
  • Water Resource Law and Policy
  • Change Management and Organizational Design
  • Economics of Water and Power
  • Leadership and Communication
  • Infrastructure Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Global Water Future

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Key Instructors

Chris WM. Clark, JD

Water Leader and Management, Program Coordinator

Dr. Clark is a lawyer and a city planner with over 30 years of professional practice at all levels of government and project development. He teaches at Cal Poly in the City and Regional Planning Department. His courses include Water Recourse Law & Policy, Public Policy Development, Environmental Law and Community Development. He was formerly a manager with Fugro West, an international geotechnical engineering firm.

Dr. Elizabeth Lowham

Professor Lowham is the Director of the Center for Expressive Technologies and is the Director of the Master of Public Policy program, where she also teaches. Her classes are focused largely on research design, methodology, and leadership and management. She also teaches an Environmental Politics and Policy course and undergraduate classes in research design and methodology.

Dr. Adrienne Greve

Professor Greve is an agricultural engineer and urban planner. She holds engineering degrees from Cornell and Colorado State and her doctorate from University of Washington. Dr. Greve managed California's State Hazard Mitigation Plan development and is a national leader in Climate Action Planning.

Dr. Steve Hamilton

Dr. Hamilton is recognized internationally for his research and consulting related to environmental and land use regulation, energy and water markets, groundwater managements, and antitrust. He has consulted with numerous companies on land and water use issues over the past 10 years and has published over 25 peer reviewed articles in leading journals.

Dr. Gustavo Borel Menezes

Profession Menezes is an engineer with interests in infrastructures and environmental systems with extensive research and professional affiliations in the United States and abroad. Dr. Menezes is a member of the Cal State LA faculty where he teaches courses on wastewater treatment, groundwater contamination and remediation, as well as a broad array of additional courses in the discipline.

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