Construction Management Courses

Program Description

The Cal Poly Construction Management (CM) Department currently produces about 65+ graduates per year and routinely has a 100% job placement rate. The construction industry has the demand for more Cal Poly graduates than the CM Department can meet. The CM Department, in collaboration with Extended Education, periodically offers courses in Construction Management.

Summer Courses

CM S413: Jobsite Construction Management

Management activities applicable to the construction process involving techniques, applications, and theory needed in a jobsite enviroment. Addresses the relationships, roles, and perspectives of all stakeholders. Integrated utilization of temporary structures associated with field construction. 3 laboratories, 2 activities. Prerequisite: CM 313.

CM S422: Professional Preparation

Professional practice related to the construction management industry. Goals and objectives achieved through analysis, study, and preparation for a particular professional practice. Total credit limited to 8 units. 1-6 activities. Prerequisite: Third-year standing, or consent of instructor.

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Certificate Courses


Construction Management courses are designed to provide students and working professionals access to advanced knowledge in the Construction Management field.When the certificate program is offered, students who enroll and complete the five courses receive a certificate of completion. The courses are offered on the Cal Poly campus and must be completed within a 36 month period.

Course Offerings

CM S521: Construction Cost Estimating and Work Procurement

Examines the construction discipline of cost estimating and pre-construction activities, emphasizing both the core and higher functions associated with types of estimates, measuring and pricing, bidding procedures and strategies, procurement, pre-construction services, budget, and cost control analysis. 4 lectures.

CM S522: Construction Planning, Scheduling, and Impact Analysis

Examination of the construction discipline of planning, scheduling, management, and control relating to both core and higher functions associated with network diagram analysis, CPM scheduling, project diagnostics, short interval, resource loaded, pull scheduling, forecasting, and earned value management techniques. 4 lectures. Prerequisite: Consent of program coordinator

CM S523: Construction Contracts and Law

CM 523 examines the discipline of law and contracts as they relate to the construction industry, including both the core and higher functions associated with the construction process, business organization, employment responsibilities, liability, damages, claims, dispute resolution, and risk management.

The legal issues covered in this course will build knowledge and understanding of construction law, enhance your ability to apply that knowledge and to reap the benefits of avoiding unnecessary claims and disputes. This course is for those who aspire to become professional designers, to grasp how the law deals with design and construction issues and to learn how to make better decisions.

CM S524: Construction Project Management and Control

Examines the discipline of construction project management and control relating ot both the core and higher functions associated with the construction process, pre-construction services, and management int he areas of safety, quality, resource, risk, schedule, budget, changs, and value. 4 lectures.

CM S525: Construction Workforce, Productivity, and Safety

Examines the disciplines of workforce, productivity, and safety as they relate to the construction industry including both the core and higher functions associated with field personnel management, construction operations, lean construction techniques, equipment utilization, productivity, and OSHA regulations. 4 lectures.

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