Math Academy

The Cal Poly Math Academy provides enrichment activities to ensure high school students are well-prepared to meet future academic challenges. The Math Academy welcomes students from diverse mathematical backgrounds and problem-solving processes. Participants will work on fun, rich tasks that include multiple access points, multiple methods of solving the problem, hands-on components, collaboration, and communication. The program is structured so students own the problem-solving process. Through this program, participants work through the processes required to comprehend and solve rich problems, improving critical thinking and reasoning skills required at the college level.

Prerequisite: High school students who have completed Algebra I.

Information and registration
Course Title Instructor(s) Date(s) Schedule Fee Enrollment Deadline Enroll Online
Math Academy Elsa Medina, Amelie Schinck-Mikel 7/23/18 - 7/27/18 9 AM - 3 PM $495 7/1/18 Enroll Now
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