Agricultural Education Late Spring Classes

NOTE: Please note that students can enroll in maximum 2 classes in these series of courses.

The Department of Agricultural Education and Communication offers the following Late Spring courses this year:

AGED S523 - Laboratory Organization and Management in Agricultural Education

Organizing and managing laboratories, including agriculture mechanics curriculum and determining course content. Student demonstrations and presentations; assessment, analysis, and evaluation. Course is designed for in-service secondary agriculture teachers. Field trip required. Not open to students with credit in AGED 522.

Instructor Starting Date Schedule Location
Dr. Ben Swan TBD TBD BRAE Lab 1 (08A-01)

AGED S530 - Developing FFA and Supervised Agricultural Experience Programs in Secondary Education

Integrating FFA and supervised agricultural experience programs into the curriculum. Career development event implementation; record book usage; officer and committee training; recruitment; retention; retreat and leadership training. Current national and state initiatives and experiential learning opportunities in the workplace and entrepreneurial settings. Not open to students with credit in AGED 330.

Instructor Starting Date Schedule Location
Dr. Ann De Lay TBD TBD Bldg. 10-100

AGED S570 – Teaching Food Science in High Schools

Instructional teaching methods for food science will include the following topics: food safety, food microbiology, food chemistry, food processing, sensory evaluation and product development.

Instructor Starting Date Schedule Location
Dr. Samir Amin TBD TBD Bldg. 24-103A

AGED S570 – Teaching Natural Resources

Instructional teaching methods for environmental science and natural resources will include the following: plant and animal identification, current environmental management issues, safety and equipment needed for exploration of wilderness areas, age and condition of trees, and use of GPS equipment.

Instructor Starting Date Schedule Location
Dr. Sherri Freeman TBD TBD Bldg. 10-100